The cinemas are opening up again gradually after the lockdown


Oslo cinema Ringen at Grünerløkka opens again on Friday May 8 with a maximum audience of 50 at each performance. The following weekend, eleven cinemas are opening across the country.

Since March 12, all cinemas have been closed due to the corona situation. On Thursday, the clear signal came that cinemas and theaters are free to open again from May 7 for up to 50 people.

Nordisk Film Kino thus opens the Oslo cinema Ringen first next week. The next eleven are the cinemas in Asker, Askim, the Colosseum in Oslo, Halden, Horten, Hønefoss, Tønsberg (Kilden), Kristiansund, Lagunen in Bergen, Verdal and Vika in Oslo.

Managing Director Jannicke Haugen at Nordisk Film Kino in Norway confirms to NTB that they are facing a challenge with the program, as there are few premiers as long as the uncertainty lasts.

“We are working on setting up a program now. We are showing a lot of movies that were on when we closed, and old family movies,” she says.

Haugen still thinks people will return to the cinemas, even though they have no new films on the program.

“People want to go to the cinema and gather in the collective room. Many have not seen Parasite or Joker yet,” she says.

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