Seven out of ten parents are satisfied with their children’s school days

Online education in primary school during the corona pandemic.Photo Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Seven out of ten parents state that the children have had an acceptable school day despite being shut down due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

This was revealed in a new survey by the Norwegian Coronavirus monitor conducted by Opinion after Norwegian schools were closed.

70 percent of parents said that they experienced their children’s learning situation as acceptable, while 30 percent answered no.

After the schools reopened, the parents are a little more positive. 75 percent believe the children have an acceptable school day, while 25 percent say no.

– “The fact that almost seven out of ten parents perceived the learning situation as acceptable when schools were closed and children were at home must be said to be positive numbers. The fact that the learning situation is not perceived to have increased after the schools opened is not as positive,” says senior adviser Nora Clausen of Opinion in a press release.

The schools started with a gradual reopening of grades 1 to 4 on April 27, before the remaining grades followed.

– “Although schools have reopened, and school children, students, and parents are largely satisfied with it, school life is not nearly normal. The teaching program is different from school to school and it will probably take a very long time before the training program has found the usual forms,” Clausen points out.

Around 4,500 Norwegian parents participated in the survey.

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