Teachers in Oslo are exhausted by the pandemic – more than 800 of them are unable to work

OsloPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

The corona pandemic is making working conditions hard in schools and kindergartens in Oslo. According to a new report, many teachers are exhausted, and almost 850 employees are unable to work.

A total of 841 employees in Oslo schools are “unavailable” and unable to work, according to a new report from the Emergency Management Agency in Oslo, newspaper Aftenposten writes.

The report provides an overview of how things are going in the areas where the corona affects the municipality’s services. 

According to the report, the situation in schools and kindergartens gives cause for concern, among other things.

It shows that eleven kindergartens are closed or have closed wards due to infection or quarantine, that it is demanding to get substitutes, and that many kindergartens have reduced staffing.

Many are struggling

Furthermore, several vulnerable groups are struggling. 

The child welfare services have reported several cases of mental health problems and concerns about the condition in some youth environments. 

The fact that unemployment is rising is also on the list of concerns.

But not everything is dark and gloomy in the capital, according to the report.

According to the report, the inhabitants largely follow the infection control rules, and infection growth has leveled off.

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