Children eat too much sugar for breakfast

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Children ingest too much sugar. It often begins at breakfast, with sweet cereals and juices.
In a survey of 200 children aged four to ten years old that Public Health England has conducted,  it shows that children on average received eleven grams of sugar for breakfast.

That is, three sugar cubes – or just over 1,000 sugar cubes a year – only to the first meal.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that 84 per cent of parents thought that they gave their children a healthy start to the day.

Too much

– Children ingest too much sugar, says Alison Tedstone at Public Health England.

Sweden and Norway have also started to see it as a problem that children are eating too much sugar.

– We know that many products where the marketing is directed at children, are high in sugar, such as fruit yogurt and cereal, says Åsa Brugård Konde at the Swedish National Food Administration.

– The problem is that sugar is empty calories. Children need nutritious food, she emphasizes.

As candy

In a TV 2 test last fall, it was determined that certain cereals, which was specifically marketed toward children, was like eating candy for breakfast.

Nutritionist Cathrine Borchsenius confirmed that it is almost better to eat ice cream than some cereals.

– Many of the compositions has little fiber and were high in sugar, she said to TV 2.
Brugård Konde says  juice  also contains a lot of sugar, but they also contain vitamins.

– Another product that contains a lot of sugar is flavored yogurt. But if children ingest nutritious food overall, both juice and fruit yoghurt could be ok to give the kids for breakfast, says Brugård Konde.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today