Norway prepares for a wet start to November

Rain wavesPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

Heavy rain is expected in several places in the country in the days ahead. 

“We will have absolutely typical autumn weather in the future,” state meteorologist Magni Svanevik in the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

Autumn is often characterized by rain, wind with periods of sun, and low temperatures. 

That will be the case across Norway in the coming days.

After a period of time with a lot of precipitation, large parts of Eastern Norway are likely to get a lot of sun both Wednesday and Thursday, she added. 

In the capital, temperatures will be around 7-8 degrees. However, the weather will change. 

The shift will first hit Sørlandet, which is likely to get a lot of rain on Friday night. 

“From Saturday, there will be a new round of rain… There will also be a good deal of wind,” the state meteorologist noted.

Extra wet in the west

In Western Norway, westerly winds and showers are expected in Rogaland and north.

In Bergen and Stavanger, temperatures will be around 10 degrees, and it will rain evenly through the coming week.

“On Saturday, there will be a short break from the rain in Western Norway, with some sun. 

“Afterwards, the wind will increase throughout the day, and there will be another round of precipitation throughout the evening,” Svanevik said.

“Trøndelag has had much less precipitation than normal in October – that is likely to continue in the future. 

“There may be some precipitation on Thursday, while Friday looks very promising, with a lot of sunshine,” Svanevik said.

The weekend in Trøndelag will be characterized by slightly changing weather.

Sleet and snow in the north

In recent days, several places in the north had quite nice weather. 

There will be a transition to northerly winds from Wednesday, and cooler air will come in all over Northern Norway.

“On Thursday, there will be sleet and snow showers, especially in Troms and Finnmark. 

“In Nordland, it will be somewhat milder, a little rain and mostly sleet,” Svanevik noted.

On Friday, some wind and a lot of sunshine are expected in Troms. 

The temperatures will be around 0 degrees. Nordland will also get some sun, but even more wind.

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