Norwegians can look forward to beautiful weekend weather as autumn holidays start

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While there will be a lot of rain in Eastern Norway and Southern Norway, the rest of the country will be able to enjoy great weather for the weekend. 

In some places, the temperature will surpass 20 degrees.

As noted, Eastern Norway and Southern Norway have to prepare for rain and gray weather, especially in Eastern Norway’s western areas. 

On Sunday, there will be precipitation all over Eastern Norway. 

Agder and Telemark can expect a lot of rain.

“There will also be a lot of wind, especially in Southern Norway and along the entire coast. Gales are expected on Friday and Saturday, which can grow stronger on Sunday,” state meteorologist Magni Svanevik at the Meteorological Institute noted.

Nice weather

At the same time, Western Norway, Central Norway, and the north can prepare for a great start to their autumn holidays. 

There will be a lot of nice and dry weather, but there will also be a lot of wind.

On the coast of Rogaland and in the mountains, gales are expected on Friday. 

The weather will be gray in the eastern mountain areas, but it will be better over to the west in the mountain area.

It will be warmer in Western Norway than in Eastern Norway. 

In Bergen, it will easily be 18 degrees during the weekend. 

Møre og Romsdal can expect over 20 degrees in some places.

Many Norwegians can also look forward to nice weekend weather in Northern Norway, despite the likely presence of wind and gales. 

The weather will be very nice in the area, except in East Finnmark where cloudy weather is expected. 

“It will be very nice by the coast,” Svanevik added.

This weekend, the temperature can quickly reach 15 degrees in Bodø, 13 degrees in Tromsø, and 14 degrees in Alta. 

Next week

The fine autumn weather could also extend into next week. 

Southern Norway is also likely to get better weather in the week ahead.

“(The forecast for) next week looks good in many places. It is relatively stable with easterly winds. I can’t promise that it will be dry all week, but there are opportunities for nice days,” the meteorologist said.

This year’s autumn holidays come at the end of a very wet September, and Northern Norway has been unusually wet.

In some places in the north, there has been over 200% more precipitation than what is normal for the month. 

Further south in the country, precipitation has been closer to normal for the period.

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