Sunny in the north – rainy in the south

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Sunny in the north – rainy in the south of Norway

It will be a sunny and balmy weekend in the North, while the parched Southern parts of Norway will experience some long-awaited rainfall.


In Southern parts of Norway, the hot summer weather continues until the weekend before the heaven opens it sluice gates on Saturday.

– Rain showers come in from Sweden, which will eventually cover the whole of the Southern and Eastern parts of Norway. On Saturday there will be quite heavy rain showers with some thunder, and then the temperature will drop down to 20 degrees centigrade, says State Meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes to NTB.

The crisis in agriculture due to the drought and the forest fire hazard cannot be said to be alleviated just yet – if we are to believe Moxnes. In order for the situation to stabilize, even larger than normal amounts of rain is needed.

Southern Norway may experience the warmest day so far this year on Friday.

– On Friday, we must prepare for the hottest day so far this year, with temperatures well up in the thirties. That will be the last convulsion before we get a return to the more usual Norwegian summer conditions, with somewhat more normal temperatures and changing weather, the meteorologist predicts.

Fantastic weather in the North

From Thursday onwards there will be a high pressure over Northern Norway, and it looks to be a very nice weekend in the North, with temperatures well above 25 degrees centigrade.

– There will be pleasant temperatures in all three of the northernmost counties, and there they will surely appreciate the Sun and the fantastic weather, says Moxnes.

Powerful showers hit Trøndelag on Tuesday, and the rainfall will continue on Wednesday before temperatures rise again towards the weekend.

Variable weather

– In Central Norway, there will be some rainfall on Wednesday, but this will quickly pass and from Thursday to Saturday it looks pretty promising. On Friday and Saturday, temperatures of up to 30 degrees centigrade can be expected there, says Moxnes.

In Western Norway, there will be some sunny days ahead as well, with temperatures up to 27 degrees centigrade on Thursday and Friday, before the rain makes a comeback during the weekend.

– On Saturday there will be some rain showers, with a little lower temperatures from Sunday onwards. It will revolve around 20 degrees centigrades, the meteorologist predicts.


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