182,000 Norwegians are «dollar millionaires»


More and more Norwegians have values ​​of more than one million dollars, not including their own homes. At the turn of the year, 182,000 Norwegians were «dollar millionaires».

The report defines dollar millionaires as people who have values ​​equivalent to more than one million dollars in investable wealth, in addition to their own homes.

In Norway, the number of dollar millionaires has increased from 174,000 in 2018, which corresponds to a growth of 4 percent. Globally, the increase was close to 9 percent, according to the World Wealth Report, which the consulting and technology company Capgemini publishes on Thursday.

Across Sweden
Norway is among the countries in the West with the sharpest increase in the number of dollar millionaires in recent years and in 2019 was in 19th place on the list, behind large countries such as Brazil (18th place) and Russia (15th place).

In comparison, Sweden comes in 23rd place with 142,000 dollar millionaires. There are thus close to 30 percent more dollar millionaires in Norway than among our “dear brother”.

– World Wealth Report documents the strong prosperity growth we have had in Norway. The proportion of dollar millionaires among Norwegians is very high, says advisor Ingrid Lehne in Capgemini.

Unrest and uncertainty
2019 was marked by international trade crises and unrest, but the number of dollar millionaires still increased over large parts of the world. For the first time since 2012, growth was greater in both North America and Europe than in Asia.

However, the Corona crisis has led to great economic uncertainty this year, both in Norway and globally. Preliminary figures show that the wealth of dollar millionaires has been reduced by 6 to 8 percent as a result of the pandemic, if one compares figures from December 2019 with the end of April this year.

Trillions disappeared with the Corona crisis
According to the World Federation of Exchanges, more than $ 18 trillion disappeared from the global financial market in February and March this year as a result of the Corona pandemic.

– The Corona crisis also has consequences for the upper economic strata of the population, at the same time as we see a clear tendency for this group to be ready for greener and more sustainable investments in the future, says Lehne.

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