All trams and subways in Oslo have been disinfected

DisinfectionOslo.Disinfection.Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB scanpix

71 trams and 115 subway sets in Oslo were disinfected night to Tuesday before the first passengers could board.

On Monday, the regular public transport services in Oslo were resumed in connection with the resumption of the schools’ 1st to 4th grades. Every night until Tuesday, all the trams and subways in the capital were washed and disinfected, so that there is the least risk of contamination associated with traveling with public transport.

– “Everything has to be cleaned,” says Cato Asperud, communications manager at Sporveien, to NTB and says there are no less than 71 trams and 115 subway sets.

It may sound like a lot, but when one subway set consists of three carriages, the actual number is much higher.

All carriages and trams are normally washed every night, but this is the first time during the Coronavirus crisis that everything is disinfected before the first carriage starts on the next day’s route. After the usual wash, crews of white suits and protective equipment sprayed a substance similar to Antibac in the wagons.

Although public transport will now go as normal, the government’s urge to avoid traveling by public transport still applies if one does not have to. The travel advice has been prepared based on infection prevention considerations.

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  1. … to be immediately RE-infected anyway, since there is no requirement for everyone to be facemasked in public and especially in public transportation.

    Are buses being similarly treated every night?

    Thanks for the updates, Norway Today.

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