Cancer Research Cluster will continue receiving budget from state

Cancer Research ClusterPhoto: Cancer Research Cluster


Oslo Cancer Research Cluster is going to receive the funding from the state budget for 2017.

Health cluster consists of over 70 companies, hospitals, research and innovation communities and play an important role in terms of cooperation for research and economic development within the area of cancer.

– Good cooperation between public and private is essential for research and innovation. Health industry in Norway has all the prerequisites to become an important growth industry.

Here plays the Oslo Cancer Cluster an important role. Further funding shows that the government is keen to ensure continuity in the important work being done in health clusters, says economics minister Monica Mæland.

Oslo Cancer Cluster was appointed as Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) in June 2007.

The Ministry stresses that the state aid rules, which Norway is committed to the EEA Agreement, set an upper limit of ten years for operational support to this type of clusters.

The center will receive the founding through the projects in Innovation Norway and the Research Council be secured further activity in the coming years, the receival of this founding is in line with state aid rules.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today