Complaint record at Tesla


So far this year, the Consumer Council has received three new Tesla complaints each week. A total of 113 have complained about the electric car manufacturer, which at the same time scores high on user survey.

Tesla owners are still the most satisfied electric car customers in this country, according to a recent survey from the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

At the same time, the Consumer Council feels that a record number of car owners have filed complaints, writes Motor. The total of 113 complaints mainly concern child illnesses in the cars, as well as problems with contacting the company.

The Consumer Council will not warn against buying Tesla, but says they expect the manufacturer to take customers seriously in the aftermarket as well.

“When you buy a car for hundreds of thousands of krones, it is no wonder you have high expectations. Both small and large mistakes quickly lead to frustration. Tesla sells cars in the premium segment. Then clients expect premium quality,” says lawyer and senior adviser Thomas Iversen in the Consumer Council.

Tesla Norway believes that several of the complaints are about “unique” conditions that may have fallen outside their established processes.

“We work with our internal routines to ensure that as few customers as possible feel the need to involve third parties,” says communications manager Even Sandvold Roland to Motor.

He states that they want satisfied customers, but that they have recently tightened up what he calls a “generous practice”.

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