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Man bought several cars with false receipts

Oslo district court, Oslo courthouse, Female fraudster Tøyen Murder 51 years in prison AmmerudOslo district court. Photo:


A man from Akershus is charged with having defrauded payment for three cars worth more than NOK 1.1 million by presenting false receipts for the payments.

The accused man, who is in his early 20s, met three car salesmen in different agreed locations in Oslo and Oppegård between September and November last year.

In advance of the purchases, the defendant is alleged to have sent the car salesmen forged images of bank transfers that showed that the
sums were paid.

The man thus swindled himself into the purchase of two Porsche Cayenne cars and one BMW X5.

The three cars were to be sold for respectively 404,000, 460,000, and 270,000 kroner.

In addition, the man is accused of defrauding payment for six iPhones and six MacBook Pros worth over NOK 160,000 using the same method.

Two days are set aside for the trial, which starts in Oslo District Court on Tuesday next week.

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