Every fifth hairdressing salon do sloppy work on their personnel lists

Every fifth salon careless personnel listsHairdressing products. Photo Norway Today Mrdia

The Tax Administration has revealed errors and omissions in the personnel lists of every fifth salon in Norway.
Some companies make minor errors, others have people at work who are not on the lists at all, NRK news writes.
– We are looking at the lists more thoroughly than ever before. Approximately 250 hairdressers in our region were checked in 2015, and we see that quite a few of them make mistakes. Either they do not list their staff, or they do so in a faulty way or insufficiently,  Department managerta at the Tax Office West Marte Johanne Gjengedal says to the  TV channel.
In the past two years, the Tax Administration has made national personnel list controls in so-called risk industries. The figures show an increase in the number of discrepancies in the hair and beauty industry. In 2015  19.5 percent of of the salons had to pay a fee.
Director of the Norwegian Barber and Wellness Enterprises, Olav eikemo, thinks it is a good thing that the Tax Office focuses on controls, but he is also critical.
– This is a scheme that we initially welcomed but it also has had adverse side effects.  The Tax Administration gives fines of thousands of kroner to honest members for trifles, like someone forgetting to bring their credentials, while those  who engage in undeclared work and do not use any payment terminals, go free. This feels unreasonable and unfair and makes our members frustrated,  Eikemo says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Besides the taxation department requirements i think every business owner should have full knowledge of their employs. it’s help you to identify them easily in case of any emergency, & specially in salons we don’t bother much about the people we are working with because it’s a place where people come and leave very soon. Being an owner of a salon i know that the taxation thing is not very easy staff to deal with it’s a long process sometime, but maintaining a full detailed list of my employees is a thing i do very carefully.

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