Half a million Norwegian households will not receive electricity support automatically

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A total of 500,000 households in Norway will not automatically receive the electricity subsidy from the government. The reason is that they get electricity and grid rent on separate invoices.

“If you do not have them on the same invoice, i.e., you pay grid rent directly to the grid rental company, then we will pay the excess support amount in addition to the grid rent to the customer’s account. The challenge is to have the correct account number for the customers to pay to,” customer manager Espen Lundberg Pedersen at Glitre Energi Nett told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Four out of five households receive grid rent and the electricity bill on the same invoice, and thus the entire amount of support from the government is deducted from the invoice.

Half a million households instead receive two invoices – one for grid rent and one for electricity. Because the electricity subsidy is greater than the grid rent for December, many will receive a positive amount. The network company must pay this to the customer.

Pedersen said that the company does not have the account number of all customers, or they have the wrong account number. He stated that they have sent out an email to all their customers who do not have joint invoicing and asked them to register the correct account number.

The network companies stated that the customers would not lose the credited amount – it will be deducted from next month’s invoice.

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