Increase in unemployment

Unemployment at 4.7 per centUnemployment

There were 109,000 unemployed in Norway in July. This represents 3.8 percent of the workforce, adjusted for seasonal variations. This is up 0.6 percentage points from April.

There are 17,000 more unemployed people than in April, measured as the average for the period March to May, according to Statistics Norway’s statistics from Statistics Norway. The increase is outside the margin of error of the Labor Force Survey, which is around 12,000 people.

The Labor Force Survey (LFS) shows average unemployment over three-month periods. The vacancy rate for July is thus an average of the months, June, July and August.

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  1. People who doesn’t work still get money from nav but people who work more have to pay more tax. Then why should those people work when they could get easy money? Making them lazy though

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