Students at a number of schools are infected with the coronavirus

Oslo International SchoolOslo International School at Bekkestua in Bærum.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Students and teachers around the country have been asked to stay home after a coronavirus infection has been identified at a number of schools. Also, a kindergarten has closed.

In Frosta municipality in Trøndelag, five people have been diagnosed with infection. Both a kindergarten and a school were closed as a result of this on Friday.

In the kindergarten, there is currently only suspected infection, while a teacher at the primary school has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Thus, the students in the fourth grade of the school are quarantined for 14 days.

“Several are also under testing. Opening of the school and kindergarten is being assessed on an ongoing basis,” the municipality says.

There are several cases of infection in Trøndelag.

In Levanger, a high school student is infected. Students and teachers in the class have been told to stay at home, reports Trønder-Avisa.

Several infected in Stavanger
In Stavanger municipality, a high school pupil and a primary school pupil are infected. The municipality informed about the situation at a press conference Friday.

In total, five people have been confirmed infected in the municipality.

Both the elementary school pupil and the high school pupil have been on holiday in Northern Italy, but there is no connection between these two cases of infection, health director Marit Anda told NTB.

The elementary school pupil was traveling with two other people who are also infected. Pupils and teachers in the pupil’s grade were asked to stay at home Friday. These are three school classes, Anda tells NTB.

“We will now identify who is potentially at risk of infection, and these will be told how to proceed further,” she says.

There is a very low risk of others being infected, according to the health chief.

“But we need time to get an overview of the situation,” she says.

Two cases in Bærum
In Bærum, a 10th-grade high school pupil has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, the municipality says. Students in the same grade were asked to stay at home on Friday, but may be able to go back again on Monday.

“The senior municipality medical officer has, after a closer assessment, found that there is no risk of infection,” Bærum municipality reports.

A pupil at the private elementary school Oslo International School at Bekkestua is also infected. The school was closed on Friday.

It is believed that both students were infected by a family member, the municipality says.

One infected in Vestfold and Telemark
In Vestfold and Telemark, a pupil at a high school in the county is infected. The county council will not say where the student comes from or which school he or she attends, according to Tønsbergs Blad.

“We follow the guidelines we get from the Institute of Public Health and stick to them. The main priority is to avoid the risk of spreading. The student has been quarantined with the family,” says communications manager Harald Haave.

It is unclear if other pupils in the same grade have been asked to stay at home.

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