Several of us boycott goods

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Norwegians refrain from buying products made under poor working conditions, have a production that destroys the environment or violates human rights.

While three years ago, 40 percent of the population boycotted certain trademarks, now 56 percent do the same, writes Dagsavisen.

Figures are taken from a survey taken by 1,003 participants aged 18 and over. It was performed by the Consumer Research Institute SIFO on behalf of Amnesty International Norway.

– I refrain from buying certain cans of tomato because of slave labor in Italy, says Secretary General John Peder Egenæs.

Most boycotts last for human rights violations. Other reasons are international conflicts, poor working conditions and climate and environmental issues.

– “The fact that so many more boycott than before suggests that awareness and knowledge of how goods are produced is increasing,” says Egenæs.

Despite the fact that over half of us boycott certain goods, as many as 65 percent believe that the development of society is not affected by this kind of refusal to buy.

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