2021 elections: The proportion of women in the Norwegian parliament will likely end up at 45%

Marianne Borgen - Kari Elisabeth KaskiPhoto: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB

With almost all the votes counted, the proportion of women with a permanent seat in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) will end up at around 45% after Monday’s election.

As of Tuesday morning, 76 women and 93 men are likely to be elected to the Storting – a proportion of women of close to 45%. That is an increase from the previous parliamentary elections in 2017, when the proportion of women was close to 41%.

In general, women are most strongly represented in the red-green parties.

The Red Party (Rødt), which was designated by many as one of the biggest election winners, will probably end up with five out of eight female representatives (62.5%).

In the Socialist Left Party’s (SV) parliamentary group, 8 of the 13 representatives are likely to be women (61.5%). When it comes to the Labor Party (AP), 23 of the 48 representatives will likely be women (47.9%). The Green Party will likely get three seats, two of which will go to women (66%). Furthermore, 14 of the 28 representatives of the Center Party (SP) will likely be women (50%).

Among the bourgeois parties, the proportion of women is lower. It is highest among the Conservatives (50%), followed by the Liberal Party with 37.5%. The share is around 33% for the Christian Democrats (KRF), and the Progress Party (FRP) is at the bottom of the list, with only two women among the 21 representatives (9.5%).

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