2021 ELECTIONS: Støre thinks government negotiations could begin at the end of next week

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With 99.7% of the votes counted, it is clear that the Labor Party, the SP, and the Socialist Left Party (SV) will get a majority in the Storting with 89 seats.

Note: The live coverage has ended.

14:59: September 13 was the day that Norwegians headed to the polls to vote in the national parliamentary elections. The day started with one Prime Minister voting in Bergen and ended with a new Prime Minister declaring victory in Oslo. Here’s how events unfolded yesterday…

13:55: The Socialist Left Party (SV) will be tough in the government negotiations, party leader Audun Lysbakken promised on Tuesday. He believes the majority must make sure to give voters a new government. Read more…

12:55: Several foreign leaders and colleagues have congratulated AP’s Jonas Gahr Støre after the election results became clear – including Hillary Clinton. Read more…

12:30: Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre says he has spoken with both SV leader Audun Lysbakken and SP leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum today. He said that he thinks government negotiations could begin at the end of next week. Read more…

11:10: With almost all the votes counted, the proportion of women with a permanent seat in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) will end up at around 45% after Monday’s election. Read more…

10:55: Jonas Gahr Støre has not spoken to either SP leader Vedum or SV’s Lysbakken yet.

“No, I haven’t. I hope they can relax and get some sleep,” Støre told TV 2.

Støre also told the channel that he had not slept much.

10:18: NATO chief and former Labor Party (AP) Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg congratulated Jonas Gahr Støre on the election victory. He said he is looking forward to NATO cooperation. Read more…

9:33: The bourgeois parties will emphasize their policies in opposition, Conservative Party deputy leader Jan Tore Sanner said on Tuesday. Nevertheless, he hopes their cooperation will continue.

“All the four parties on the bourgeois side need to make their own policy visible; that is completely natural. But I hope that we can find some issues where we stand together so that we can challenge the red-green government we will most likely get together,” Sanner said in NRK’s Politisk kvarter.

“The election result will be evaluated… Now we will roll up our sleeves and be constructive and clear in the opposition,” he said.

Jan Tore Sanner
Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

9:22: Following the Labor Party’s (AP) central board meeting, AP leader Jonas Gahr Støre will hold a press conference at 5 PM.

9:01: The experience from being in government with the Liberal Party (V) and the Christian Democrats (KRF) was bad, Progress Party (FRP) leader Sylvi Listhaug said on Tuesday. She believes the two parties must change policy before a possible new attempt at joint governing. Read more…

8:39: Labor Party (AP) deputy leader Hadia Tajik says that the AP will talk to all parties that want a change of government and aim for a majority government with the Socialist Left (SV) and the Center Party (SP). Read more…

8:05: There is a number of challenges that the new government will face in the next four years, VG writes. Dagbladet agrees that it will not be easy but states that a majority government will ensure more stability. Read more…

7:48: Outgoing Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) will comment on the result of the parliamentary election at 1:00 PM.

7:40: On Tuesday, Labor Party (AP) Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre will gather the party leadership and central board to discuss the way forward towards a new government. Then he will talk to the Center Party’s (SP) leader. Read more…

Jonas Gahr Støre
Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

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