3,500 soldiers participate in major military exercise in Eastern Norway

Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

A major military exercise starts in Eastern Norway on Thursday. 3,500 soldiers participate, and the exercise takes place on land, in the air and on the sea.

The exercise is the largest in Eastern Norway this year. The Home Guard also participates, according to NRK.

All Armed Forces branches are represented. The same will be the case for a number of civilian emergency services, the Home Guard says.

The exercise starts on Thursday and will take place in Østfold, Vestfold and Telemark. It will last until September 22nd.

The scenario that is being practiced is a crisis in Finnmark and Troms. The two counties are occupied by a foreign power, and NATO assistance is requested.

The soldiers will, among other things, practice how to receive Allied forces in this part of the country, and how to make sure they get where they are going, while safeguarding the security of the population.

“The inhabitants of the relevant counties will mainly notice the exercise by the fact that there are many soldiers in action and increased flight activity,” says Lieutenant Colonel Bjørn Thore Bech, who heads the exercise.

Among other things, eight F16 aircraft and two F-35 aircraft participate, with Rygge Airport as the base.

“We will get F-16 from Bodø to Rygge and air defence forces from Ørlandet to Rygge. We will also be operating the F-35 from Rygge for the first time,” says Colonel Atle Bråten in the Air Force.

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