Abiy: War is hell on earth

Oslo 20191210. Nobel Peace Prize 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

“It is a game of destiny that I stand here and talk about peace,” said Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

– I accept this award on behalf of the people of both Ethiopia and Eritrea, especially those who have sacrificed life in the service of peace, said the 43-year-old when he gave his Nobel lecture in Oslo City Hall.

He also thanked Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki. Abiy has been awarded this year’s Peace Prize, partly because during his first half as prime minister he managed to make peace with neighboring countries after decades of conflict.

As a young soldier in the Ethiopian army, Abiy himself witnessed the long war against neighboring countries in the north. Among other things, he told about the time his entire unit was wiped out in an attack while he had himself left the trench for a short while.

– War is the very epitome of hell on earth for everyone involved. I know, because I’ve been there and come back. I’ve seen brothers slaughter their brothers on the battlefield, he said.

When I became prime minister 18 months ago, I felt very strongly that it was necessary to end the uncertainty. It is the game of destiny that makes me stand before you here today and talk about peace, Abiy said.

Hard work
He emphasizes that even if peace has been achieved, hard work is required to maintain it.

For me, creating peace can be compared to planting and growing trees. Just as the trees need water and good soil to grow, peace requires a firm commitment, endless patience and benevolence if one is to grow and reap the fruits of peace, Abiy said.

He also drew on an old African saying:

– “If you want a peaceful night, your neighbour must also have a peaceful night.” The essence of this saying is a guideline for strengthening relations in the region. We are now striving to live in peace and harmony with our neighbours, said the Peace Prize winner.

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2 Comments on "Abiy: War is hell on earth"

  1. I followed his speach from NYC livestream and it was mostly about what no peace no war situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea for more than two decades to what he and Nobel Committee called Peace but I call it “Fake Peace.

    The Eritrean protesters in Oslo confirmed that there is No peace in Eritrea that warrants Peace Prize !!!

    For True Peace you need Tigray People of Ethiopia to participate in the peace process because they share the common border with Eritrea.

    Abiy Ahmed and the people of Tigray do not see eye to eye. He never said a word about the people who are directly affected by him and Isaias Afewoeki undisclosed deal.

    Unless there is transparency the sutuation remains No Peace No War Or “Fake Peace” call it by its true name.

    Isaias Afeworki has closed its border after breifly opening it because he is afraid of military coup by pro Tigray People Liberation Front/TPLF armed groups.

    Abiy Ahmed has little influence militarily or politically in Tigray and Isaias Afeworki Knows that.

    In Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Popularity hits rock bottom due to his failure to to protect lives lost in ethnically and religously motivated attacks.

    Our universities has now become Ethnic Conflict centers lives lost and students beaten regularily.

    The reason Abiy Ahmed avoided the media in Oslo is fearing questiones of accountability.

    If there is a free and fair
    election in Spring 2020 his new party Prosperous Party I coined a new name after Nobel Oslo Award today “Peace Party” hoping Peace which has been very rare under Abiy Ahmed 18 month to be achieved in 2020.

    Abiy Ahmed has also lost great opportunity to confront the pluses and minuses of his administration by facing the media and show his true face with all its flaws to the world.

    Peace Prize does not shield winners from accountability as we see San Sung at Hague today which is also true to Abiy Ahmed !!!

  2. #Tedla Asfaw u are completely wrong. I know which ethnic u belongs to. so hearing such statement from u is not surprising. Any one can testify what Abiy Ahmed has done and doing for Ethiopia. If not for him I can assure you that there wasn’t the county called Ethiopia by today. But one thing is sure, if u are full of hatred u are blind to see the good thing happening to Ethiopia.

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