Customs officers have seized weapons and fruit trees after opening against Sweden

Charlottenberg, Sweden.Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

Traffic across the Swedish border has quadrupled over the weekend, but all cars will still be stopped after the opening for travel to Värmland. It gives results.

During the weekend, the Customs Service has made more than 20 seizures at the border crossings in the eastern part of the country. In addition, close to 50 fines have been issued to travelers who have brought goods in excess of the tariff quotas, says press officer Thore Simenstad in the Customs Service to Romerikes Blad.

He states that customs officers have seized doping substances, medicines, weapons, currency and ten fruit trees. Knives and pepper spray are among the weapons seized.

Simenstad tells of a dramatic increase in the number of border crossings since the border with Värmland was opened on Saturday.

– Traffic quadrupled from Friday to Saturday. During Saturday 25 July and Sunday 26 July, about 17,000 vehicles crossed the border crossings at Magnormoen and Ørje, he adds.

On Friday, the National Institute of Public Health stated that the border county of Värmland met the formal requirements for the number of infected people that the government has set for “green” countries and regions.

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