Denmark reopens, but not without controversy

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Denmark is reopening in several areas. From today, Danes can, among other things, eat at restaurants again – with a few, but controversial, restrictions.

One must book a table at least half an hour in advance before sitting down at a restaurant table indoors.

The requirement is considered by the catering industry and some political parties to be madness, but Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup defends it:

“You can compare it to a road. Sometimes it is a speed bump that will prevent you from driving too fast. The rule of booking a table in advance is a ‘speed bump’ that we must have for 14 days before we can hopefully reopen completely,” he told Danmarks Radio.

Must have a corona passport

Another requirement for indoor guests is that they have to be vaccinated or present a negative corona test taken in the last 72 hours.

One must present proof, a so-called corona passport, which is a special app accessible via mobile phones. Outdoor seating is exempt from the requirement for a corona passport.

Restaurant guests must also wear a face mask when standing or walking around the restaurants. And at 10 PM, all serving as to cease, and guests must leave by 11 PM.

Difficult requirements

The trade union Horesta believes that table reservation requirements will be unmanageable for many of their member companies and believes that more restaurants will refrain from opening to guests indoors.

Several parties in the Danish parliament (Folketing) also demand that the reservation requirement be removed. The Minister of Trade and Industry has said he is willing to enter into dialogue to find another solution.

A freer Denmark

The Danes are also easing several other corona restrictions. Ten people will be allowed to meet indoors – compared to the previous five.

Up to 50 people can gather outside – compared to the previous ten.

It will also be possible to visit museums, art galleries, libraries, and larger shopping centers. And from today, children and young people can also participate in organized sports activities indoors.

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