Donald Trump was most widely mentioned in Norwegian online newspapers in 2019

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Norwegian online newspapers wrote the most about Donald Trump in 2019. The Nav scandal is still the case that has made the most impact on people.

This shows a survey the media monitoring agency Meltwater has done with the analysis agency YouGov.

– Donald Trump has dominated the news scene in recent years, and the media circus that is currently around him will continue. International law, elections in 2020, and a supposedly continuous witch-hunt from the media help to fortify the place at the top of the publicity throne, says partner of public relations operator Lukas Loeb in a press release.

The toll debate became the second most talked about news item in Norwegian online media in 2019, while Ole Gunnar Solskjær came in third place. Further on the list is Brexit and the municipal elections.

On the media surveillance agency Retriever’s list of the most talked about people in Norwegian media in 2019, presented at Christmas, was Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the top, followed by Donald Trump and Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

The Nav scandal made an impression

Meltwater and YouGov have also asked people about the issues that have made the most impact on them in 2019. Here, respondents answered that the Nav scandal has made the most impact. A total of nine out of ten responded that they have been upset or saddened by this case.

– The Nav scandal is fresh and has major consequences for many Norwegians. Several fatal mistakes have also been made, which have in turn, caused some strong reactions around the whole country, says Heidi Islann, partner in Meltwater.

Wind power worst cover
The Seefeld Ski World Cup is the subject that has made Norwegians most happy. It is also the event that Norwegians believe has been best covered by the media in the past year. The matter respondents believe received the worst cover last year, is the development of wind power.

– It is exciting to see that the sports events are experienced as best covered. Namely, behind the World Cup in Seefeld comes Solskjær. Norwegians believe political news matters are the worst covered. However, it may be related to the fact that there is more consensus among Norwegians regarding sports than in political matters, says Islann.

Venstre issue most divided

The survey also analysed and quantified the mentioning of issues and people in social media. Here too, Donald Trump comes out on top, followed by Brexit and the toll case.

Unofficial measurements from the Storyboard analysis service also show that an article written by the party Venstre was most shared on Norwegian websites in 2019, writes Media24.

It is the subject “The people of Hong Kong are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize”, which is about Venstre’s parliamentary representative Guri Melby nominating the people of Hong Kong for the Peace Prize in connection with the demonstrations.

It was shared 238,008 times. The figure includes likes, shares, comments, Twitter statuses and pins on Pinterest.

– I’m just glad that a case about the Hong Kong demonstrations was most shared in 2019. Millions of ordinary people took to the streets to protect their rights. It is important that the world community get it, and it is nice to have contributed to it, says communications adviser Thomas Lien who has written about the matter.

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