Dozens of young people attack police in Oslo – two people charged so far

Terje Bechmann DahlPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Two people have so far been charged with violence against the police after 20-30 young people attacked the police at Mortensrud in Oslo on Monday night.

“We take incidents where officials are exposed to violence very seriously. We want them to be safe at work,” Terje Beckman Dahl at the Oslo police told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

It was around 10:30 PM on Monday when a police patrol was attacked by between 20 and 30 young people, in connection with the patrol arresting two people in a criminal case that is under investigation.

“The young people threw objects at the patrol, and there was a physical scuffle,” operations manager Gjermund Stokkli noted.

The police had to defend themselves with batons. They got control of the situation after several patrols arrived at the scene.

Two people are now charged with violence against the police. Dahl told TV 2 that one of them is said to have hit a police officer in the face.

“More people might be reported for attacking the police,” Dahl told NRK.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Dozens of young people attack police in Oslo – two people charged so far"

  1. This is how Sweden begins, remembering the Swedish policeman recently assassinated just down in Gothenburg.

    Meanwhile, Frp’s Helgheim and (Ap’s and now) “Sentrum'” Lippestad just had a bitter debate on TV2 about whether or not immigrant population centers like Mortensrud should be specially targeted for extra-punishment anti-gang laws like Denmark has.

    Lippestad argued that targeting a particular district (and/or population element) is unconstitutional.

    Legally, he is probably right, and double-punishment for gang-related crime anywhere in Norway not just Oslo should indeed be preferred. Criminal gangs, clans, and mafiyas invade and rule by terror, and they require extraordinary anti-terror laws to stop them, wherever they arise.

    On the other hand, which political party most opened Norway’s Gates of Troy to these criminal cultures/groups?

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