Haugesund: Doctor convicted of embezzling 532,000 kroner

Haugesund Haugaland District CourtPhoto: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB

A doctor in Haugesund has been sentenced to nine months in prison for embezzling more than half a million kroner from the Haugesund emergency room.

For two and a half years, the man repeatedly entered incorrect price codes in the emergency room’s computer system, which provide the basis for reimbursement payments, newspaper Haugesunds Avis writes.

The prosecution wanted to sentence the man to one year in prison for intentional gross fraud, but the sentence was reduced to nine months by the court.

The doctor is appealing the verdict, according to lawyer Christoffer A. Falkeid.

Reported to Helfo

In total, the man was allegedly paid NOK 532,885. Haugesund Municipality sounded the alarm and reported the case to the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (Helfo). 

Helfo concluded that the man was the second most-paid doctor in the whole country when it comes to reimbursements by emergency services.

Furthermore, Helfo also ordered the man to repay the entire amount. He has repaid almost the whole sum.

Helfo did not report the man, but when he later applied for a GP position in Haugesund, the Municipality chose to report him to the police.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. I am shocked! That a doctor would do this kind of fraudulent stuff!
    Is this banana split on Candid camera?? How about embezzling millions of millions! Pocket money for Christ’s sake!

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