In the last two months, there were eight murders in Norway. Here’s what we know about the cases

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Over the last two months, eight murders occurred in Norway. The full list of cases from September to November of 2020 is enclosed below.

September 9: A 60-year-old woman was found dead in a home in Byåsen in Trondheim. Her 33-year-old son was first charged with lethal violence, but the police later upgraded the charges to murder. The woman is said to have been subjected to blunt force.

September 18: A woman in her 60s was found dead in a home in Tøyen in Oslo. Her son, who is in his 40s, is charged with murder.

September 23: A man in his 50s was found dead in his apartment in the center of Sarpsborg after the police were notified by a person related to him. According to the police, the man had been dead for several days. On September 25, a man in his 30s, connected to the dead man, was arrested and charged with murder.

September 26: 20-year-old Sofie Vo Nguyen was found dead in an apartment in Åsane. A 19-year-old man, who was found lifeless in the apartment, is now charged with murder. The two lived together but were not romantically involved. According to newspaper Bergensavisen, she was probably strangled.

September 30: The body of a man was found after a fire in a commercial building in Moelv in Ringsaker municipality in Inland county. The next day, another man was found dead. The first man, a 43-year-old man, was reported missing from his home in Gjøvik two days before the fire. The other dead man was in his 40s. On October 16, the man in his 40s was charged with murder. The police’s main theory is that it was a murder-suicide case. They think the motive may have something to do with an alleged conflict between the two. The 43-year-old probably died of blunt force trauma.

October 3: 48-year-old Dan-Eivind Lid was found dead in his apartment in Suldalen in Kristiansand. Lid had been active for several years in the SIAN organization (Stop the Islamization of Norway). The case is being investigated as a murder. On October 20, the police stated that they had arrested three men, all charged with murder or complicity in murder. The motive is unknown, but police say there is no reason to believe it was a politically motivated murder.

October 30: 22-year-old Cansel Godek was found dead in her apartment in the center of Evje in Agder. Her ex-boyfriend, a man in his 20s who alerted the police, is charged with murder. The accused man is from Afghanistan but has lived in Norway since 2015 and has a temporary residence permit. The woman is a Norwegian citizen and has grown up in Norway.

November 12: A woman in her 70s was found dead in her apartment in Åssiden in Drammen. A woman in her 30s is charged with murder. The accused woman is known to the police from before, but according to the police, there is no known relationship between the two.

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