Infected on 53 planes, trains, ferries and buses in August

AirplaneAirplane.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

53 infections in August, Coronavirus infected passengers were discovered on planes, ferries, buses, and trains in this country. Tests showed that a few others were infected.

Aftenposten has obtained the figures from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH). They include both domestic and international flights, ferries with more than one hour travel time, all regional trains, and long-distance buses. The largest part of the cases – 45 – were on planes.

300 people who sat near the infected passengers have been tracked down and tested. 98 percent of them were completely healthy. 2 percent tested positive afterward. However, these may have been infected before the trip started, according to FHI.

Good ventilation

– “On planes, you have particularly good air filters and good ventilation. The experience so far is that onboard aircraft there is not such a great risk of spreading,” says department director Line Vold in FHI to Aftenposten.

“It does not seem like there is a lot of spreading of infection onboard aircraft. The situation on airplanes is probably different than on the metro or bus,” she adds.

In an article, FHI writes the following: “Based on experience from Norway and other countries, the risk of infection is considered low for other passengers”.

Fewer planes on the list now
According to VG, 23 domestic and international aircraft have had an infected passenger on board in the last 14 days, shows FHI updated lists.

Seven of the planes went domestic, while three other flights were inbound from “yellow” countries at the time of entry. The remaining 13 came from countries that at that time were “red” or outside the EEA / Schengen area.
A little over a week ago, 32 flights were on the same list, according to VG.

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