“Jack the Ripper” identified?

«Jack the Ripper» identifisert«Jack the Ripper» Photo: Pixabay

Forensic experts say that through DNA tests, they have finally solved one of the greatest crime mysteries in history. They think they have discovered ”Jack the Ripper’s” identity.

The test results were published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences
wrote CBS News.

The result pointed to Polish hairdresser, Aaron Kosminski, who was then 23 years old, to be the ‘ripper’.

“Jack the Ripper” killed five women in London in the late 1800s, but the perpetrator was never found. DNA material that has been tested comes from garments found near one of the victims, Catherine Eddowes. Kosminski died in a psychiatric hospital in 1919.

The killings were carried out in such a way that it looked as if the killer had some medical insight, if not actual experience.

His cunning methods and his mystery have made him a recurring character in British criminal literature.

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