Lawsuit against Norway and 32 other countries for lacking climate measures

Demonstrators lie under white sheets in a 'die in' during an Extinction Rebellion climate change protest at Parliament Square in London, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020. Hundreds of protesters gathered near Parliament to urge returning lawmakers to support a climate emergency bill and to prepare for a climate crisis. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Six Portuguese activists have brought 33 countries before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to force increased efforts to fight climate change.

The activists, who are between 12 and 21 years old, have asked the ECHR to hold 33 countries responsible for their alleged lack of efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The activists claim that the countries’ lack of climate measures poses a threat to their physical and mental well-being and violates their right to live free of pollution.

The six young activists are supported by the Global Legal Action Network and five London-based lawyers.

If they win, the accused countries will be bound to cut emissions to those agreed upon in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The activists demand that this must also apply to the countries’ emissions outside their own country, particularly those of multinational companies.

– This case is a crucial test for the future of the Paris Agreement, says Gerry Liston of the Global Legal Action Network.

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