Men drove off the road in stolen Mercedes in a police chase

Police, Critical InjuriesPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

Two men were arrested after breaking into a car dealership in Kristiansand, stealing a Mercedes, and shaking off the police before they drove off the road.


It took about three hours from the men to breaking into the car shop at 01.35 on Saturday night until they drove off the road and could be arrested just before 04.30.

“We were notified by Securitas shortly after the burglary,and a police patrol followed the car up the highway 9 north of Strait,” said John Repstad, Head of Operations in Agder Police District to NTB.

After the police’s attempt to control the car at Grim in Kristiansand, police lost control of the men for a short period of time. Later, the patrol discovered that the car had driven into a side road a few kilometres further north and the hunt continued.

“The patrol were chasing, but then the perpetrators drove off the road.There were two men in the car and both were arrested Repstad said at 04.35.

An ambulance is on its way to see the two arrested men,whom the police also hope to talk to in the next few hours.

The car they stole, an E-Class Mercedes station wagon has punctured tires and is no longer drivable. It will therefore be towed away from the place where it was driven off the road.

The police also secured surveillance video from the car business where the car was stolen.


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