Nordic countries and Estonia join forces on COVID-19 research

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Five Nordic research projects on COVID-19 are being launched. The projects include pregnancy, smoking, and mental vulnerability. 

Researchers from all over the Nordic region and Estonia are participating in the collaboration, which has been awarded around NOK 53 million, according to NordForsk, the research organization of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Siri Eldevik Håberg from the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) will lead a research group of 25 researchers from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

They will study how COVID-19 affects the course of pregnancy.

Coronavirus effects

The researchers will investigate whether pregnant women are more likely to be affected by the disease or develop a serious illness that requires hospitalization than non-pregnant women of childbearing age.

They will also investigate whether COVID-19 during pregnancy increases the risk of complications, including fetal loss, and whether the mother’s disease can affect the fetus.

Special adviser Maria Nilsson at NordForsk says that the research will be based on the organization’s unique data resources in the form of health data and registers.

“It will help generate new knowledge about how the COVID-19 virus infection affects our health and how we can learn from the current pandemic in the future,” she said.

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