Norway is launching step 1 of its reopening plan on Friday. Here’s what that means

Government - press conference - Melby - Solberg - RopstadPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) announced that the government would launch the first step of the reopening process on Friday.

The following national corona measures are new or are being changed to apply from April 16:

  • People are encouraged to meet others outdoors and not to be visited by more than five guests. If all the guests come from the same household, there may be more people, but they must be able to keep their distance.
  • If children and young people train/practice with a team, an association, or similar entity in another municipality, they will be able to compete with their team/association as long as the infection situation allows it.
  • Adults can conduct organized indoor activities in groups of up to 10 people, as long as they can keep at least one meter of distance.
  • Adults can engage in organized activity outdoors, as long as they can stay at least one meter away from each other.
  • A maximum of 10 people is allowed at indoor events without fixed, assigned seats, or up to 50 people at sports and cultural events that gather participants under the age of 20 that belong to the same municipality.
  • A maximum of 100 people is allowed at events where everyone in the audience sits on fixed, assigned seats.
  • A maximum of 200 people is allowed at outdoor events, or 600 people (divided into three cohorts of 200 people) if they sit in fixed, assigned places and if there is a distance of two meters between the cohorts.
  • The opportunity to serve alcohol at events will be allowed – under the limitations that apply to restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Next reopening step (2) to be considered in early May

At the beginning of May, the government will assess whether it is safe enough to implement the second step in its reopening plan.

“In the first half of May, we will assess whether the conditions are right for implementing step 2 of the reopening plan during the month of May.

“It will, of course, depend on the infection situation and the capacity of the health service,” Erna said during the government’s press conference on the corona situation.

In step 2, the government will prioritize relief for children, young people, and students. But there will also be some relief for the wider sections of the population.

That means, among other things, more physical education, more people being allowed to gather at home and in connection with events, and extending alcohol serving time to midnight.

Step 3

In step 3, the government will consider opening up for the following: 

  • It will be possible to have 20 guests at one’s home, and 50 people will be able to meet at private events at rented premises.
  • For public events, separate assessments will be made linked to the possible use of rapid tests and corona certificates.
  • Alcohol serving times will return to normal, but there will still be a requirement for registration and keeping distance between guests.
  • The government will still want as many people as possible to work in home offices.
  • It will be considered to gradually open up sports for adults for league games and other competitions.
  • Children and young people will be able to participate in events and organized training across municipal boundaries.
  • Top athletes will be able to engage in close to normal sports activity.
  • The government will also open up for more trips abroad, but with continued quarantine and testing requirements. However, these requirements may change compared to what is in force today. It will also be considered how corona certificates can be used for travel abroad.
  • The government will also open up for more normal labor immigration.

Step 4

In step 4, a lot of things will almost return to normal, but there will still be requirements for infection control measures, keeping distance, staying home while sick, and some use of home office, according to Solberg.

This means that there may still be restrictions associated with large public events and sports and leisure activities.

It may also be relevant to have entry restrictions and requirements for quarantine and testing for travelers from certain areas.

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