Norway’s Chief of Defense: The worst is about to happen in Afghanistan… full-scale civil war

Eirik KristoffersenPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

The Taliban are taking ever-larger areas of Afghanistan, and the Norwegian Chief of Defense says that the country is heading towards full-scale civil war.

“Afghanistan is a country where we have hoped for the best and feared the worst. The worst is about to happen,” Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen told the newspaper VG.

The Taliban has stepped up its offensive in Afghanistan after it was decided that NATO would withdraw from the country, and the Taliban has now taken control of several of the country’s largest cities. It is now feared that the capital Kabul may be taken over in the future.

“When the old warlord constellations reestablish themselves, the risk of more violence increases. It (note: the situation) is heading towards a full-scale civil war, which is the worst (situation) we could have imagined,” he added.

While both the United States and the United Kingdom are sending in forces to help their citizens leave the country, 40 Norwegians who are still at the Norwegian-manned field hospital in Kabul will stay there for the rest of the year.

“They feel safe in Kabul for the time being, and they continue to do their job. We have a regular dialogue with the Americans, and if it becomes relevant, we can get them out,” Kristoffersen said.

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1 Comment on "Norway’s Chief of Defense: The worst is about to happen in Afghanistan… full-scale civil war"

  1. With the vast majority of the country already under Taliban control, the “civil war” already appears to be over. The Islamic orgy of rapes and executions of “the West’s Quislings” is about to begin.

    The Taliban … arrogantly and foolishly thinking they can control/resist the Chinese … are backed by China as well, and when that honeymoon is over, there will be an entirely different kind of purge: the *only* time in its history Afghanistan was “pacified” … for 100 years … was by the Mongols’ extermination-policy occupation. And presumably the Chinese will stop the Afghans’ quaint custom of raping boys.

    We never should have gone into The Graveyard of Empires to begin with – the English were all for repeating their own history with it … trying to make a purse out of a sow’s ear … of course – since the actual bases for 9/11 were much farther to the west and since bin Laden reportedly died in December 2001 as had been medically forecast. And we should have pulled out in 2005 when we had the place as “pacified” as it ever could be, but Cheney&Bush, Blair, et ilk had vested interests in keeping us there.

    There seems to be a semiconductor shortage now suddenly plaguing Western carmakers, and the sources for those elsewhere should be secured.

    Of course, if the Europeans wanted to continue the occupation of Afghanistan, they/you are welcome to do so, but we’re surrounded on all sides by hostiles in there who can take our servicepeople hostage in the first serious nuclear superpower … West vs. Russia and China whom our arrogant, stupid neocon policies have militarily/strategically allied … showdown.

    General James Mattis has released a timely podcast titled “Reality can be a terrible adversary,” and this closing Afghanistan reality should have been foreseen … and avoided … from the get-go.

    Norway is one of our/America’s most loyal allies and friends in the world, but we need critical questions raised to avoid our increasing strategic blunders.

    I really miss former Norwegian intelligence chief Kjell Grandhagen for his objectivity and clairvoyance regarding these matters.

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