Norwegians more concerned about the immigration

The Minister of Immigration Sylvi ListhaugPhoto: The Minister of Immigration Sylvi Listhaug ( Progress Party ) Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix
The refugee crisis in Europe is having an impact on Norwegians. Nearly one in five, 19 percent, say that immigration is their biggest worry for the next six months – an increase of 10 percentage points since the previous quarter.
This one of the findings in a new survey conducted by the research company Nielsen where  16,000 people from 32 European countries were asked about their future prospects .
The survey shows that this tendency is shared by  several countries in Europe. Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria all have immigration as their biggest concern in the future. The same survey also reveals that 45 percent of the Norwegian respondents do not believe that we are out of the recession in the coming year. This is still lower than the EU average, where 56 percent think the same.
The economy is our second biggest concern, and 11 percent of the Norwegian respondents put it on the top of their list. This is followed by terror, which 9 percent of the respondents say that they fear the most.
Source: Ntb scanpix / Norway Today