Now you can join the waiting list for GP

doctor absence rule medical associationDoctor writing out prescription. Photo

If the GP you wish to have does not have seats available, you can now join the waiting list.

Health directorate mentioned this in a statement. From June this year Norwegians could adopt a new digital solution for change of general practitioner.

From Monday on there will be a possibility to register on the waiting list if the desired family doctor is not available.

– We know that some GPs are especially seen with high demand. Such a list function will provide visibility of the demand from patients and also make it possible for those who waited long time to reserve their place in waiting list, says Department and service charge Steinar Mathisen Directorate of Health.

On the website, you can also change your regular GP for your children, but one can only stand on one list at a time.

Users get letters when their GP is available and switched happens the first day of next month.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today