Over and out for daily mail deliveries – check which days you should empty the mailbox

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On Tuesday, daily mail deliveries will end. What days the postman comes to visit, you can check on the Posten’s website.

The postman will arrives for one week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays the following week, Posten advices in a press release.

Here you can see when the post comes to where you live after Posten completed its biggest change in recent times.

Too little mail for daily delivery

The change has come because the amount of mail has gone down drastically over the last 20 years.

– Today, each household receives an average of three letters per week, and in the years to come there will be even fewer letters, says Posten CEO Tone Wille.

Only one in ten believe the rescheduling will have negative consequences for them, according to a survey conducted by Norway Post. And for those who want to receive mail every day, it is possible to rent a mailbox.

The new restructuring will create about 1,000 vacancies. Around 35 per can however get other jobs in Norway Post.

“Through good cooperation with the trade union, solutions have been found for everyone, so that no one is being laid off,” Posten claims in the press release.

957 fewer postal workers
But the reshuffle has led to extensive re-staffing, according to the Free Trade Union Movement, which states that 957 of the post’s employees may not continue in their positions.

Several postal workers report to the industry magazine that they also expect a larger workload as they have to distribute more mail and learn new routes and routines.

– Many veterans experience uncertainty by being thrown into something unknown, in the form of new tasks and routes. When this happens at the same time as many of one’s colleagues disappear from the Postal service, it is fully understandable that this is perceived as heavy and difficult for many, says the head of the Trade Union Post and Finance, Gerd Øiahals, to the Free Trade Movement.

She nevertheless emphasises that the training and preparation in general have been well implemented.

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