Parole case: Terrorist Breivik says he was brainwashed ten years ago

Anders Behring BreivikPhoto: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s parole case is being processed in court this week. In his explanation, Breivik stated that he was brainwashed in 2011.

“Some of the statements here sound scary to you and the general public in Norway. But it is critically important and relevant that I explain how brainwashed I was ten years ago and how many (people) are just as radical today. It was actually not my fault that I was brainwashed – it is those who brainwash and radicalize (people) online who bear almost all the responsibility for (the) July 22 (attack),” Breivik said from the witness stand.

“Who brainwashed you?” judge Dag Bjørvik asked.

Breivik replied that he would return to this in more detail later in his explanation. He also went through what he described as the “cultural war” he believes he is a part of.


Breivik began his explanation on Tuesday by claiming that he strongly distances himself from violence and terror, as well as the goals in his July 22 manifesto.

He claimed he could give the court his word of honor that violent acts are now behind him.

Breivik still does not want to renounce Nazism – only violent Nazism.

Judge interrupts Breivik’s ideological explanation

Judge Dag Bjørvik briefly interrupted Breivik in his ideological explanation.

Early in his explanation, Breivik went into detail about different ideologies and what he referred to as the cultural war. After a short time, he was interrupted by the judge.

“Where do you really want this ideological explanation?” judge Bjørvik asked.

Breivik briefly answered that it was important for him to describe where he belongs in the ideological landscape. He was allowed to continue his explanation.

During the week, the Telemark District Court will assess Breivik’s request for parole. The state prosecutor will seek to place Behring in preventive detention indefinitely. 

The parole hearing is due to last three days, but the verdict will not be announced for several weeks.

Source : NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Parole case: Terrorist Breivik says he was brainwashed ten years ago"

  1. “Breivik still does not want to renounce Nazism – only violent Nazism.”

    Meanwhile, Norway did “not want to renounce Nazism,” instead *abstaining* in the vote for anti-(neo-)Nazi UN General Assembly Resolution 169 of a month ago, 130-2-40.
    Only the U.S. and the Ukraine government – illegitimately spawned by our coup in which neo-Nazi ultra Ukraine nationalist Right Sector played a major role – voted against it, defining Ukraine’s government to be a Nazi government and making us Americans … by definition … outright (un-abstaining) Nazi collaborators!

    And Ukraine’s Nazi government continues its anti-Russian cultural suppression, which meets the fashionable cultural definition of genocide, without any complaint from the West, including moral – Nobel Peace Prize – authorities like Norway.

    Not a peep about this from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, even though it regularly castigates those governments and political and moral leaders who were silent during the Holocaust, and even though I have questioned it about this on its LinkedIn site.
    And now the Danes are going to give money to Ukraine’s Nazi regime.

    As is said, you could not make this up.

    As to Breivik, I for one and probably many do not want to be reminded of his existence.

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