Pfizer: The cooperation with Norwegian authorities was good

PfizerPhoto: AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews / File

Like many others, Sissel Lønning Andresen in Pfizer is happy that the corona vaccine has arrived in Norway. 

She thanked the Norwegian authorities for their cooperation.

“Pfizer has worked well with Norwegian authorities to put the logistics in place up to this point here and today. We have been working on this for many weeks,” Andresen told news bureau NTB.

Pfizer and BioNTech are behind the vaccine used by Norway and the EU countries. 

The first delivery arrived in Norway on Saturday morning.

“It has been a long process. There have been no worries, but many details had to be put in place for us to stand here today and see the first vaccine buses,” she said.

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2 Comments on "Pfizer: The cooperation with Norwegian authorities was good"

  1. Does this vaccine deal with the new mutation? (I would doubt it, but that should be somehow explored.)

    There have been some reports of severe allergic reaction – in one case, a fellow who has a shellfish allergy. (Not many folks like that have survived in Norway, down through the ages, I suspect, though. 🙂 )

    Or is the doctor who sufferered the reaction – and immediately injected himself with his EpiPen – working undercover for a competitive vaccine? :-/

    In any case, I would rather facemask and wait longer to see if it’s safe.

    VERY hard to judge these issues. VERY hard to trust medical authorities after they got (opposing) facemasking so wrong at the start of the coronavirus.

    VERY glad I got it right on the Pandemrix vaccine in 2009, though.

  2. Just found this on Washington Post: “Vaccines will work against new coronavirus variants spreading through U.K. and South Africa, experts believe”

    But again, *can* we trust “the experts” and the government, after they initially opposed everyone facemasking in public and after Sweden’s “medical experiment?”

    Tough judgment call.

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