PM Støre’s New Year’s speech: “Make it a New Year’s resolution; take the vaccine!”

Jonas Gahr StørePhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

In his first New Year’s speech as Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) promised to strengthen the community that had been weakened during the pandemic.

“The corona times have made our society more unfair,” Støre said in the traditional New Year’s speech on New Year’s Day.

“Some have saved money. Had cabin office. Had extra quality time with the family. Others lost their jobs and income and are now experiencing a new, tough winter,” he continued.

Differences in society

Inequality weakens our community, Støre said, promising to take up the fight against differences in society through a fair tax system, a stronger welfare state, and safer working life.

“The climate crisis cannot be solved by individuals or the market alone. Elderly care is not improved by a few people purchasing better help by themselves. And no one is safe in a pandemic until everyone is safe,” Støre said.

At the same time, he encouraged people to listen to others.

“But it is also about empathy… about perspective. Try to understand how it feels to wonder if you can afford to pay the electricity bill,” Støre said. 

“Take the vaccine!”

The pandemic has also revealed weaknesses in the health services, according to Støre. He believes the solution lies, among other things, in educating more professionals. In his speech, Støre thanked everyone who was during the New Year weekend.

“I know that many of you are extra tired now. This applies to many who have been in the forefront in the corona era,” Støre said and continued:

“We know now about how dependent we are on you, how socially critical you are.”

At the same time, he made an urgent appeal to people: 

“Make it a New Year’s resolution; take the vaccine!”

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