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Police are searching again for missing Polish hiker, Maja Herner

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix


The police in Møre and Romsdal, yesterday began a new search for Maja Herner, who disappeared in November last year in connection with a hike on the Saudehornet in Ørsta.

The Police department used search and rescue police by helicopter in the area around Saudehornet from 11am.

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“We are looking for one that is believed to have died, which disappeared last November,” says operations manager Arild Reite in Møre and Romsdal police district to VG.

Reite refers to the Polish hiker, Maja Herner. The 25 year old woman who has been missing since November 21 last year when she disappeared in the mountains. In early December, police said they no longer expected to find the 25 year old alive. The status of the exploration action was then changed to search for a presumed dead person.

Reite emphasizes that there are certain points in the mountain that they would like to examine more closely.

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