RECORD-BREAKING: Norway’s Packed Prisons

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

2016 saw the highest prison population ever held under lock & key within Norway, with 2016 also experiencing a reversal of Norway’s prisoner-nationality ratios.


Statistics Norway (SN) has revealed newest justice system statistics;with 2,964 total prisoners detained in year 2016; an ignominious, record-number of criminal detainees for Norway. Of 2016’s prison population, 89 inmates were under custodial sentence and 100 more inmates were detained for failure to remit court imposed penalties.

The new justice system statistics reflect that 2016’s high prison population figures were partly caused by Norgerhaven’s large detention center joining with Norway’s criminal justice system and driving up prison population numbers.

Unfortunately, statistics also indicate that a high number of released prisoners are being re-arrested after release/parole and further charged with criminal violence or domestic abuse. 2016 saw 1660 resulting denials of parole and court-mandated re-detention after ex-convicts garnered post-prison convictions; an 8% rise over 2015 totals & resulting mostly from successful domestic abuse adjudication.

Interestingly, 2016 was a turning point within Norway’s criminal justice system, with significantly fewer immigration violations processed. This decline reversed Norway’s prison population ratios and saw the majority of 2016 Norwegian prisoners classified as Norwegian citizens rather than non-Norwegians.


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