Russia accepts the return of asylum seekers by bus

A woman passing the Norwegian borderKIRKENES 20151116. A woman with bicycle and briefcase passing the Norwegian - Russian border at Storskog in Finnmark . Together with their children and she has among twenty asylum seekers who crossed the border on Monday morning . Foto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix
Russian authorities agree that the asylum seekers  who will be forcibly sent back to Russia over Storskog can be transported in busses, confirms the Police Immigration.
– We are satisfied that the contact with the Russian border authorities is a big help in making it possible to cross the border over Storskog while returning from Norway to Russia in a more efficient and safe manner, says the police chief in Finnmark Ellen Katrine Hætta in a statement.
Project manager for the Police Immigration Unit in Finnmark, Tor Espen Haga, confirms that the transportation of persons returned to Russia will be made by bus.
– Returning by bus is undoubtedly safer and more convenient than by bike, especially now in winter, says Haga.
They returned, transported across the border to a town or city that is outside the Russian border area.
The agreement was made public at a press conference at the police headquarters in Kirkenes Thursday afternoon at 16 pm.
According to Police Immigration Service (PU) are altogether 371 people returned to Russia through Storskog at the end of the year.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today