Sarpsborg: Man on stolen motorcycle crashes into police car, ends up in hospital

Police in BrumunddalPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

A man on a stolen motorcycle tried to run away from the police on Saturday afternoon. The pursuit ended when he crashed into a police car.

“It started at 5:30 PM. A motorcycle driver in Årum refused to stop for a police inspection,” operations manager Terje Skaftnes in the Eastern Police District told the newspaper Fredriksstad Blad.

The police followed the motorcycle for about 20 minutes before the chase came to an end in Ise in Sarpsborg.

The driver, who is in his 20s, has been sent to Østfold Kalnes Hospital. The police say the motorcycle has been registered as stolen.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Sarpsborg: Man on stolen motorcycle crashes into police car, ends up in hospital"

  1. I can match this. 😎
    2 of my buddies in our U.S. Army 88th Heavy Equipment Mainentance (HEM) Company in Hanau am Main east of Frankfurt got drunk and Ron decided they should “liberate” a couple of the fine German bicycles outside the gasthaus. So they started off … in weaving, wobbling mode … until Gary was just too drunk and fell off his bicycle … right in front 2 huge VoPos coming down the steps of the town Polizei station … where they were 🙄 … to check out a report of 2 bicycles stolen from a gasthaus!
    Ron took off but then stopped and turned around and surrendered.
    Our first sergeant – a tanker who had fought his way into Germany in World War 2 – was fit to be tied. He had less than disciplined Ron right where he had long wanted him, but Gary was like a son to him, and if he let Gary off, he had to let Ron off too … which he did. Think of Gary as Ron’s “insurance.” 😎
    The Germans – good people all to us – were understanding as ever, and the incident disappeared.

    Later, Ron wanted me to go with them down to the Oktoberfest in Munich, but I don’t drink and didn’t see any point in it. They “camped” in a public park … on benches or whatever. His only lucid moment was fleeing an apartment from an enraged husband who had come home and caught him with his wife … and started SHOOTING. Ron ducked under a VW bus and then looked up and saw he was right under its gas/bensin tank – NOT a good place to take cover. But he escaped … to eventually make it back home to his Pennsylvania Dutch fiancee Lucy then to become a fine high school teacher and coach and father 3 fine children and more grandchildren.
    All’s well that ends well. 🙂

    I was stationed in West Germany in 1968, when the Red Army ended the “Czech Spring,” and with all our best equipment going to Vietnam, we had nothing to stop them coming on west except our nuclear deterrent.
    We went out into our maneuver area in the German forest, and for 3 nights straight, I had the same nightmare: we were in a truck fleeing to Dunkerque or somewhere on the Channel, and we stopped for a “relief call” and as I was buttoning up I looked up to see the truck leaving me and hearing behind me the clank of Soviet tanks.

    We would have fought, though, and I had previously even sent a DF (Disposition Form) up to USArEur commander General (later Secretary of State) Alexander Haig urging that even we clerks and the cooks should be trained on individual antitank weapons.

    Gen. Haig was our SecState who shocked everyone saying we should consider firing a “nuclear warning shot,” if there were a confrontation – like there is now – and the Soviets didn’t take our nuclear deterrent seriously. Who needs a warning shot is an open question at this point.

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