Search crews re-renter landslide site at Gjerdrum to look for three missing persons

Gjerdrum landslide search crewPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

At 9 o’clock on Monday, search crews moved into the landslide-affected area in Gjerdrum to search for the three people who are still missing.

“It is a large landslide area, and it is partly very unstable and dangerous for the search crews who are going in from the ground,” police superintendent Anders Mansaas said in a press release before the weekend.

The three who are still missing are 49-year-old Rasa Lasinskiene, 50-year-old Ann-Mari Olsen-Næristorp, and her 13-year-old daughter Victoria Emilie Næristorp-Sørengen. 

So far, seven people have been found dead at the landslide site.

The search effort was put on hold almost two weeks ago after a small landslide occurred in the area.

 On the same day, police chief Ida Melbo Øystese in the Eastern Police District said that they no longer hoped to find survivors.


Two excavators and some vehicles from the police and emergency services arrived at the landslide site on Monday morning. 

“We have a great understanding (for the fact) that the survivors need answers. We contribute what we can to support the police in the search work.

“Two excavators have been transported in, one of them with an extra long range, in order to be able to facilitate the police’s work as much as possible,” regional manager Toril Hofshagen at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) noted.

Retrieving assets

Over the next two weeks, firefighters will retrieve the avalanche victims’ assets in about 150 homes.

“In the first round, it will be necessary assets such as glasses, PCs, tablets, bank cards, wallets, school supplies, or important work clothes. 

“Emphasis will be placed on things that the landslide victims miss and need in everyday life. 

“Hopefully, it will also be possible to pick up dozens of cars,” communications manager Stine Neverdal at Finance Norway (Finans Norge) noted.

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