Seven people fined after unrest during anti-Islamization demonstration in Bergen

Lars ThorsenPhoto: Eivind Senneset / NTB

The Norwegian police were unable to determine who attacked Lars Thorsen, the leader of the “Stop the Islamization of Norway” (SIAN) group during a protest in Bergen.

A total of 24 people have been reported after the violence erupted.

The police are almost done following-up after the unrest during SIAN’s demonstration at Festplassen in Bergen city center on August 22.

Sixteen of the young people who were brought in were minors, and ten were under 15 years old.

“The young people have explained their role during the demonstration, and the police were clear on what type of behavior is punishable,” a press release from the Western Police District explained.

Seven people fined

Seven people over the age of 18 have been fined between NOK 12,000 and NOK 17,000.

The fines mainly apply to disorderly conduct.

Additionally, there is one case of bodily harm and one case of refusal to provide personal information.

The police have not been able to identify the person who hit SIAN leader Lars Thorsen in the head with a stone and jumped on him when he was lying down.

Riots and unrest developed when the anti-Islamization group was met by young people who wanted to show their opposition.

The young people threw stones and eggs at SIAN supporters and also attacked police vehicles.

The police say it has been important to determine if their trust among young people has decreased.

They have had a close dialogue with the municipality, secondary schools, and voluntary organizations to continue working on their dialogue with young people.

SIAN’s statements not considered criminal

At the same time, the police reviewed the statements of SIAN members and assessed whether they fell within the boundaries of hate speech.

The police have concluded that no investigation should be initiated, adding that a thorough assessment was the basis for the decision.

“However, we have decided to initiate an investigation against another person suspected of hate speech at Festplassen…

The case is under investigation and will be sent to the public prosecutor for a final decision,” the police noted.

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