Solberg opened a new knowledge centre in Hardanger

Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) opened the Folgefonna Centre in Rosendal in Hardanger.: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Solberg opened the Folgefonna Centre

Cooperation and water were among the topics Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) emphasized in the speech when she opened the Folgefonna Centre in Rosendal in Hardanger.



– Through the new Folgefonna Centre we can become even better acquainted with this landscape, Solberg said in the speech when she opened the new centre.

The foundation that operates the centre aims to run it as a centre for research-based dissemination of knowledge on topics related to Folgefonna, the landscape and the fjord system around Folgefonnhalvøya.

It is academically anchored at the University of Bergen and the research communities at the Institute of Marine Research and Bjerknessenteret.

The Prime Minister also said that the centre is an example of cooperation, between several municipalities, between municipalities and county councils and between public and private business.

– All the good cooperation will make Folgefonna Centre a regional centre with national and international dimensions, and cooperation is a renewable resource, Solberg said on Tuesday.

She then drew comparison to water, which is something the new centre will focus on.

– The Sea has given us fishing and shipping, the fjords have given us fish farming, the waterfalls have given us hydroelectric power, Solberg said, before declaring the centre as opened.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today