Some places can get up to 500 mm snow

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Some places in Norway can get up to 500 mm snow

The Meteorological Institute reports of rainfall and danger of slippery roads, but many places in Norway can enjoy snow in the slopes and tracks.


The showery weather in Northern Norway will continue from Wednesday to Sunday. It will be sleet and snow with the wind coming from the northwest.

– A lighted track is prepared in Tromsø. The snow will probably not disappear, but it is difficult to predict the snow depth as it is showery weather, says State Meteorologist, Magni Svanevik.

– Towards the weekend, it looks as if it gets cooler and lower temperatures with a refill of snow in the north. Far to the south of Nordland, it can come as sleet near the coast, Svanevik continues.

Snow and sleet

According to State Meteorologist, Gunnar Livik, there may be challenges with slippery roads in Trøndelag, where precipitation will last until the night before Thursday.

– People must heed the wintery conditions, he tells Dagbladet.

According to Svanevik, the weather situation is such that cold air is coming to Trøndelag and Møre & Romsdal.

– We will have heavy showers – and snow and sleet will fall until Friday. Beyond Thursday it will be calmer for a short while.

Towards the weekend, a low pressure is expected in this area.

– There may be temperatures above freezing and some rain and sleet during the weekend. There will be some snow inland in central Norway, Svanevik explains.

Yellow warning

There will also be showery weather in Western Norway. On Thursday, snow is expected in the inner areas.

– In Western Norway, it gets a little warmer and rising temperatures. In Rogaland, there will be rain on the coast and sleet and snow inland. Towards Thursday, the weather clears up before western Norway experience a low pressure in the form of rain towards the weekend, Svanevik elaborates.

In Eastern Norway, it will be nice weather for the first half of the week, according to Svanevik, but on Thursday the low pressure will arrive here as well.

– On Thursday there will be a snowfall, but it will soon turn into rain. We have issued a yellow hazard warning due to difficult driving conditions on Thursday night and Friday. The reason is that there will be snow on Thursday and that it thereafter will be around zero degrees Celcius, Svanevik warns.

On Tuesday, the Road Traffic Centre reports that it is difficult driving conditions on several roads due to snow showers and wind. In particular, there have been rough conditions on the mountain crossings in Western Norway.

Copious amounts of snow

The meteorologists report that several areas in Norway can expect more snow and most likely skiing conditions during the week.

– There will be snow in the inner areas. North of Oslo, the cold air can cause snowfall. There are good opportunities for enough snow to be able to go skiing on Friday. There may come between 10-15 centimetres of snow in the Lillehammer area during Friday. Saturday and Sunday in the same area also look to be nice, Livik states.

Svanvik also says some areas in Norway can expect copious amounts of snow.

– At Sjusjøen there is a lot of snow already. There will fall between 30-50 centimetres of snow in Møre & Romsdal during Tuesday and Wednesday. Many places in North-Western Norway can get up to 400-500 mm of snow in the higher areas on Wednesday, she concludes.


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