Ragn-Sells terminates Randaberg

Randaberg Ragn-SellsRagn-Sells shuts down its waste handling facility in Randaberg near Stavanger

Ragn-Sells terminates Randaberg facility, continues services

Ragn-Sells AS shuts down its waste reception and treatment facilities in Randaberg near Stavanger. The closure will be applicable from January 1st, 2019.


Ragn-Sells AS will continue its operations in Stavanger and the rest of Rogaland through cooperation with a local waste handler. This means that parts of the waste will be delivered to a local partner. The change will not affect the waste services that Ragn-Sells offers in Rogaland.


Overcapacity of receiving and treatment facilities in the Stavanger region is the basis for Ragn-Sells’s decision to shut down its facilities at Randaberg to make use of more central facilities in the region. Ragn-Sells AS department Stavanger will continue to offer the same customer solutions and service levels as today.

Future focus will be environmentally friendly and modern waste services and efficient transport solutions.

About Ragn-Sells

Family-run recycling contractor

Ragn-Sells is a 100% family-owned recycling contractor established in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. Our core business is transport, sorting and processing of waste from businesses and private. Of this waste, we produce secondary raw materials such as paper, plastics and metals for the world market.

In Norway, we employ about 400 people in our 24 departments across the country. Ragn-Sells AS is certified for quality, environment, work environment and corporate social responsibility.

Focus on innovation and sustainability

Our main task is to take care of the resources in the waste. We are therefore continuously working on innovation to lift the waste up in the waste hierarchy and increase the recovery rate. We are also keen to take care of society around us and is the first company in Norway that is certified for corporate social responsibility.


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