Southern Norway could catch a glimpse of summer heat today. Meteorologists expect up to 20°C

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Meteorologists believe there’s a possibility of a small record in Southern Norway on Tuesday – the temperature could reach 20 degrees in some places.

“Will today be the warmest day of the year so far in any of these places? That is the question we meteorologists are asking ourselves right now. The temperature forecasts suggest 16 to 18 degrees along the coast in Southern Norway. Locally, it could possibly be 20 degrees,” the Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter.

Areas that seem to have the highest temperatures are Agder, Telemark, Vestfold, and Buskerud, on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød at the Meteorological Institute noted.

A lot of rain

After a taste of summer temperatures on Tuesday, the weather will go back to being more cloudy and with a bit of drizzle or rain on Wednesday.

“On Thursday and Friday, we will get very nice weather again, with long periods of sun, but then the north wind will take over, and we will not have high temperatures,” the meteorologist added.

In Western Norway, there will be heavy rain on Tuesday. There is a yellow rain warning at the local level. 

“A lot of rain. At the same time, westerners are used to a lot of rain. It (note: the weather) will also be mild… It will be wet in the mountains and the lowlands of Western Norway,” Granerød noted.

After Wednesday

In the mountain areas, the weather will be worse to the west. From Wednesday, the weather will gradually improve. 

It will start off gray with rain from time to time, but there will be a light cloud cover during the afternoon and maybe a glimmer of sun. 

Temperatures will be between 7 and 9 degrees during the day in the lowlands.

On Thursday and Friday, Western Norway will also be affected by the north wind. It will be sunny now and then, with temperatures between 8 to 9 degrees.

In the north, showers and precipitation will dominate the weather from Tuesday to Friday.

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